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Core Functions

Connects every part of the process,supports large-scale growth in merchant performance.

Supply chain management

Financial management

Data reports

Advertising management

Customer service management

Operational tools

Permissions management

Multi-terminal application

Supply chain management

Integrates purchases, warehousing, sales, delivery, and other module processes, and convenient coordination. Provides replenishment recommendations, eliminating inventory backlog and out of stock situations.Enabling one-click distribution and inventory deduction.

Financial management

Profit reports integrate precise analysis of more than 10 original reports, providing more than 50 analysis dimensions, and calculating global batch profits. XINQIANCHAO ERP supports variance allocation, profit data provided is sealed on a monthly basis to facilitate financial accounting.

Data reports

Automatically provides relevant data reports on “personnel, finance, and goods”, facilitating view of personnel, goods and financial performance at any time. Supports user-defined data cross analysis, month-on-month data trend analysis.

Choice Cross-Border Merchants

Provides digital solutions for delicacy operations cross-border businesses.

Whole scenario ecosystem


Cross-border product modules

Comprehensive support


Millisecond response

Life cycle service


Online service

Why Us

Choosing XINQIANCHAO means to achieve delicacy management.

“XINQIANCHAO supply chain management covers purchases, sales, warehousing, logistics, and other modules, and integrates, interconnects, updates, and synchronizes their data in real time. It supports purchases, replenishment, batch management, and other operations, meeting our detailed supply chain management needs.”
Functions used: Purchase management; Replenishment

“Many cross-border merchants may have experienced the following situation: I don’t know where I spent my money or how much money I earned. We chose XINQIANCHAO because of its outstanding financial management function, which helped us clarify data, calculate profits accurately, and improve accounting efficiency by more than 40%.”
Functions used: Financial management; Financial statements

“Based on the comprehensive comparison of several ERP systems, XINQIANCHAO is more suited to Amazon merchants in terms of its functions. The service performs satisfactorily with software consultants, after-sales services, and implementation follow-up throughout the whole process. It actively provides useful suggestions based on our business, improving the work efficiency of cross-border e-commerce teams by about 50%.”
Functions used: Complete system functions;Replenishment recommendations

“After using XINQIANCHAO, we realized efficient collaboration between multiple departments and saved 50% communication time. In terms of material purchases and management, the software provides data management, and all the data it provides is accurate and effective, which greatly improves the accuracy of decision-making and almost eliminates out of stock and overstock situations.”
Functions used: Complete system functions; Purchase management; Replenishment recommendations